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We know Dirt….

By Fletch Whipp CEO

If there’s one thing we know at RockStarzUSA, it’s dirt… the slang term for overdrive & distortion pedals. Whether it’s the subtle breakup of Nashville’s ‘broken’ guitar sound, or ‘Between the buried & me’s brutal, punishing guitar sound, we just love the tones that are made capable when higher gain stages are introduced into the signal path.

We have over 20 types of Overdrive & distortion pedals available at the Studios, from inexpensive $30 pedals, to long out of production boutique models soaring up past $200. We have digital, analog, single channel, dual channel & programmable pedals. We have two knob models all the way to 9 knob monsters.


Two of the baddest metal pedals we have!!

Some ppl talk about pairing wine to steak… well, yeah, sure, if that’s your thing & all, but…yep, if there’s one thing thats truly satisfying for us at RockStarzUSA, it’s the good pairing of an amp to the ‘right’ high gain pedal. It makes all the difference. You know, the verbiage in saying pairing is totally legit… a common scenario is someone who says they want a new dirt pedal for their amp because their current one sucks, or that their dirt pedal is the best one out there.

Truth is, we’ve matched some high end dirt pedals to some amps, & no matter what way you slice it, it just doesn’t have the mojo. Other times we’ve matched something like an inexpensive Boss ‘Metal Zone’ to a vintage tube amp and it sounds incredible… It’s all about getting the right vibe between the pedal & your amp.

RockStarzUSA also carries 3 dozen other fine pedals that produce effects like reverb, chorus, tremolo, phaser, vibe, delay, echo & more. Fletch, our CEO is a pedal fanatic… he’s certifiable, really! He loves those little metal boxes, and he sure knows tone. He has built some legendary pedalboards for local musicians to Pro session guitarists as far away as Australia. His custom multi pedal creations can run anywhere from $400 to $10,000.

One of Fletch's custom pedalboard creations!

One of Fletch’s custom pedalboard creations!

Check out our Facebook page for more info & photo’s of our gear. Better still, if you’re in Colorado Springs, come down & check us out, you’ll be glad you did! Our team are some of the finest musical instrument instructors & sales ppl in all of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Keep on rockin’!

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