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We’re proud to say learning with gets real results. Because we have a strong drive to assist our students maximizing their potential, We would love to be part in helping you realize your goals. Here are some of our student achievements!

Successful audition & acceptance to Berklee Collge of Music in Boston, MA (3,000 auditions with 80 placements available) Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA, University of Colorado, Fort Collins Jazz Music program & Full Ride Scholarship Jazz & Classical studies PPPC program.

Here is a very small sampling of bands in Colorado Springs whose members are students learning with us!

Sofa Killers (voted 2nd best covers band in the state) – Glass MountainKastigation – Kopesetik Soul – Fallen Messiah – Warrington Station – Inverse Earth – Subconscious Alter – Holy North – Seth Enos

We have worked with students in numerous Churches in Colorado Springs developing their abilities to join their respective Worship teams. Some of these churches are:

New Life – Mountain Springs – Woodman Valley Chapel – Rocky Mountain Calvary

Check out some of our amazing students, and staff on our new Studios video! You can read some of our students/families testimonials below the video!

The following testimonials have all been given freely by our friends on our Facebook page.

Heather W. - This place has the most going for it – visiting rock stars, fantastic studios, the latest equipment- not forgetting the quality & caliber of the staff. WooHoo! 

Kyle T.Fletch has taught me more in the past 2 months then I have learned from prior instructors in the past 5 years. Fletch’ innovative approach to instruction contours the lesson to your abilities and play style peaking your interest, pushing your abilities, and enjoying the exercises he gives you. I recommend Rockstarz USA to anyone, regardless of skill level. You will not be disappointed.

Courtney M. – ‘This place is awesome

Steve H. - Fletch & Melissa’s RockStarz studios are incredible. Even better guitar studio than back at musicians Institute in L.A. They could have the best studio in the USA….Kudos to what you’ve got here! 

Lana D. - My children have been taking here for a few years and LOVE it. They were in lessons at a couple other facilities here in the Springs, but RockStarzUSA is BY FAR the best! My children come home excited topractice their instruments which is exactlly what I ask for. The last thing a mother wants to do is nag her children and I don’t have to! They are experienced and professional. We are BIG FANS of RockStarzUSA! 

Jenny H. - Fleeeeetch :) I just wanted to tell you that you’re an AWESOME bass teacher, I love our lessons, and thanks for taking time to teach me! :) You is very fun and explains things greatly! :D 

Jill F. - My son Luke started with RockStarzUSA last year, taking guitar lessons from Fletch. He loved music before, but now, he has a true passion, thanks to Fletch. My husband Brandon was deployed when Luke started, and after seeing how much Luke loved it, he decided to start taking lessons as well, so that he could learn, and so they could “jam” together. Our house is now filled with the sounds of guitar coming from the basement, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Fletch has enhanced Luke’s love for Rock and Roll, and both Luke and Brandon can’t wait for their lessons every week!! Fletch, Melissa, and the RockStarzUSA team ROCK!!!!! 

Jeanette B.Fletch Just wanted to say what an Awesome Guitar instructor you are to My Daughter Maegan, she has been with you now for a couple of years and so strongly enjoys your teaching, We sure enjoy listening to her from her room….Loudly! You and Melissa are very loving, caring people and we are lucky to have found you both, we were lucky to have Found ROCKSTARZUSA when we did!! Thanks Again for you Awesome Teaching, and your Inspiration!

Vera R. - I had the pleasure of being taught by Fletch many years ago in Australia. Needless to say I was a bit of a challenge, but Fletch was very kind and patient and always conducted himself in a professional, yet laid back manner. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone of any age. FLETCH your da bomb!!!

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