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RockStarzUSA has a fully stocked Pro Shop for our clients. With our 20 years of music retail experience, we’ll help you locate the right gear for your needs. We’re different from your typical music store (in case you couldn’t tell already!) in that our Pro Shop exists to support our clients, so we focus on what you want, not on what ‘the man’ says we gotta stock! All brands are handpicked by us, so no more lame duck ‘who sold you that piece of junk‘ from your musical buddies!

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Fletch is an award winning, nationally recognized Guitar, Bass & Recording Studio consultant, specialist & clinician in the Industry & worked for the largest retailer in Australia prior to emigrating to the USA. He has personally matched over 5,000 guitars to musicians in Australia, England, South Pacific & America. Being a Professional teacher in addition to a very experienced teacher affords our customers professional, qualified matching to their desired products-EVEN if it is a brand we don’t carry!

Mouse spent several years as part of the team for one of the largest¬†Independent Stores in the Midwest, specializing in inventory management, brand relationships & clinics. She has extensive knowledge of Sheet Music Portfolios, Keyboards/Piano’s & School & Band Instruments.


Unlike the traditional model of a Music Store that primarily focuses on selling equipment first with half-baked lessons in cramped studios as an afterthought, we prioritize our focus on excellence in fun, music education first, with Instruments sales, & accessories to supplement & enhance that creative process in our one stop convenient location. We are stocking very select brands that our team use professionally in our day to day lives, rather than partnering with brands that offer us the most beneficial relationship. 


We are authorized dealers for Sterling by Musicman, Pedaltrain, George L’s, String Swing, Ernie Ball… to name just a few of the stellar companies we’re partnered in tone with. We’re passionate about our brands & have extensive knowledge & ability to service, modify & upgrade you to the right next step in your musical evolution!¬†

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