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Why learn with

1. ENJOYMENT – We make learning your instrument fun. How? More than any other reason is because the teachers at RockStarzUSA ENJOY teaching…. We don’t teach after hours to pay a few extra bills. We balance catering to the needs of our students wide variety of musical interests & offering quality tuition that assists them in developing ability on their instrument.

2. EXPERIENCE – We have taught over 70,000 individual music lessons in the last 20 years, yet our staff are in their 20′s & 30′s. Our team are made up of private teachers, and teachers in D11 & D49 districts. We teach absolute beginners all the way to other teachers who wish to improve their own abilities. Our teachers have invested themselves musically through higher education musical training.  

3. SAFETY - Your family’s safety is a very high priority. Each studio has an ‘open door’ environment. so family members can sit in, come and go or be close by while a lesson is taking place. Other studios sometimes have window access boarded up with posters for privacy. Sorry, that is unacceptable for you & our team. A background check is completed with each staff member and references provided. Simply put, we value accountability & a parents peace of mind. 

4. FACILITIES – We are very proud to offer the LARGEST special purpose music teaching studio’s in the city (3 times larger than most other studio’s on average) All studios are designed around tasteful modern themes that burst forth with energy, movement & excitement to encourage enjoyment for all.

5. EQUIPMENT – Offering our students high-end equipment to enjoy the learning process on is also a high priority. Unlike studios that are primarily comprised of a music stand, a small 10 watt amp & tin chair, our studios offer excellence & state of the art equipment. Each of our studios has on average a $10,000+ investment. 

6. AVAILABILITY – We are centrally located conveniently between Powers & Academy Blvd only 5 minutes from the IMAX Centre Point Plaza complex. Our studios offer ample off street lit parking in a well established mall. We teach from lunchtime to late evening Monday-Friday and  during select times Saturdays. 

7. PRO-SHOP - Prior to Fletch & Melissa developing they worked for the largest musical instrument retailers in Australasia & The Midwest USA respectively. With over 20 years nationally recognized combined expertise in musical instrument retail, you can be assured of unbiased advice at with our well stocked Pro-Shop with it’s hand picked musical instruments & accessories. 

8. SPECIALITY – We’re a teaching studio first, pro-Shop second… not the other way around like most music ‘teaching’ studios. Some music stores offer teaching studios to simply pay some extra bills & ‘sell gear’. This situation is compounded by studios with inexperienced ‘teachers’. 

9. RELAXING – Our large spacious air-conditioned waiting area is fitted with large leather couches, multiple coffee tables & reading material in a modern friendly design. Our teaching studios are fitted with top of the line leather couches, memory foam chairs & comfortable piano benches. Our competitors on the other hand still seem to think a tin chair in an oversized closet is somehow ‘ok’…. err nada for us! 

10. CARE – is owner operated. Fletch & Melissa work in the studios every day. While we like to expedite the process in developing our students abilities, many students have enjoyed learning with us for 4-5 years. Our current longest student is Jim, a mature age guitarist who started with us late 2004, and still comes every Monday evening! Relationship & Friendship with our students is a definite aspect beyond simply teaching. We have lost count of the many high school graduations, birthdays, music programs, concerts & other milestones we have shared with our students over the years.

11. CAREER – Some students find themselves wanting to pursue a career in music. Many times a family is unsure how to navigate such a situation. We offer our students and families guidance counseling when considering pursuing music as a full-time vocation. We are truthful, and provide a solid game plan for students to be pro-active in making their musical goals reality. We have successfully helped students prepare for college music applications processes, writing, recording, playing live, auditions, marketing, touring and many other aspects of musical venture. 

12. VARIETY - We have a 12,000+ song library. In addition we have available a sheet music library for song study consisting of our 5,000 pieces. Our studios are equipped with hundreds of artist & instruction portfolios in our Pro-Shop.

13. CONTACT – We value keeping in contact with our students and families. We invite  students to contact us outside of lesson times for any musical related questions & via the myriad of social media options. We enjoy our good reputation in the community and hold the same family values you do.

14. PATIENT – Many times students comment how patient we are with them while they are learning. This comes back to our high calling as teachers. While many can show someone a chord or perhaps a scale, a teacher who walks alongside a student at their pace, & is sensitive to their learning process is something entirely different. The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires

15. SPECIAL NEEDS – We have specialized training working with many special needs students. Some of our dear students are students who live with Autism, various degrees of retardation, ADD, ADHD. Fletch has worked as a live in carer for severely disabled patients, & Mouse has received extensive training through the C.D.E (Colorado department of Education) for special needs children. Any handicap, need not exclude a student from the joy of learning and being exposed musically. Our facilities & bathroom is wheelchair accessible.

16. RECORDING – We are proud that students write their own music. We are pleased to announce we now have a fully state of the art recording studio off premises where students can record their music. We can make music available direct to CD, or for online distribution. Fletch has been a recording artist for the last 15 years, and has recorded multiple CD’s, music video’s & tours to his credit. We can help take YOUR music to the next level.

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