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Payment Schedule for Private Instruction  Lessons are charged by four or five calendar weeks. Payments should be made the first week of each four lessons. Payment should be made prior to the 10th to avoid a $10 late fee. Once booked are non-refundable, your teacher may be willing to reschedule your lesson for a different appointment following our lesson cancellation policy below.

Music Lesson Cancellations Cancellations will still be charged unless we receive at least 24 hours notice. We do not do make-up lessons for no-shows. Lessons that cannot be made-up will not be eligible for a refund. Please call and let your teacher know if you must cancel a lesson for ANY reason. If your teacher has to cancel a lesson for sickness or emergency, they will contact you to do a make-up lesson. If you cancel beyond 24 hours of the lesson, we will find a time to do a make-up lesson. If you do not show up for lessons, there will not be a refund. Too many lesson cancellations may result in poor progress. Improvement depends on consistent instruction and practice.

Practice Expectations Students are required to practice at home between lessons. Daily practice is vital to musical progress. The recommended amount of practice time will be discussed with the student depending on their age and skill level.Tips on encouraging practicing and practice guidelines will be posted on the blog throughout the year.

Lesson Books Most of he time your instructor will have the books available for purchase here at your instruction studio. Payment for any books can be added to your monthly check, unless we make other arrangements.

Parental Involvement at Lessons Parents may sit in on a lesson or leave if they prefer. Some students would rather have a lesson privately than have their parent sit in with them. While a parent is welcome to observe, we do not encourage additional instruction or assistance from the family member during the lesson. From lengthy teaching experience, multiple voices instructing a student (especially younger students) is not beneficial, rather the student feels intimidated, and is a reason for young students to become disinterested learning their instrument. We have a spacious waiting area with coffee, radio, leather furniture and children books for younger siblings to read.

Music Lesson Time-Slot We reserve a specific time-slot for each student. If a student comes in late, your teacher may extend the lesson up to 5 minutes. If a student is more than 5 minutes late, they may not be able to extend the lesson. If you arrive more than 5 minutes early and your teacher is already teaching a lesson, please try to remain in the waiting area. Some students are easily distracted or are very shy about playing in front of other people. We want to make sure each student gets his or her full lesson without interruption. Please note that supervision will not be the responsibility of your instructor or any other instructor at RockStarzUSA while your child is waiting in the waiting area.  This pertains to before and after the lesson.

Questions or Problems Concerning Music Instruction Please let us know if you or your child has any problems or questions about your child’s private lessons. You can call anytime and we will be happy to help you.  We realize it can be frustrating for parents who have never played an instrument to answer their child’s music questions at home. If any problems should arise, your teacher is willing to modify lesson plans and practice schedules, etc. based on each family needs. By sharing your concerns, your teacher will be better equipped to make private lessons a positive experience for both you and your child.

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