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Singing lessons Colorado Springs

Q – So, what instruments do you teach? 

A – We offer FUN lessons on Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Voice, Drums & Band instruments. Just in case you missed it, FUN lessons!

Q – Who are your teachers, and do they know what they’re doing? 

A – Our team is made up of music degree qualified, seasoned instructors who teach full time & teachers completing their degrees, not the dude’ atmosphere. We’ve given over 70,000 lessons to absolute beginners to several musicians who are now teachers for our competitors in the city (how ironic!!) 

Q – When do you offer lessons?

A – We teach Monday – Friday, from 1pm until 8:30pm. We take several breaks during the year, Spring Break, Summer, & late in the year.

Q – How do you schedule students? 

A – Our students typically book lessons in 1 month blocks, for one 1/2 lesson each week at the same alloted time. New students are encouraged to try a single lesson with us initially to ensure we’re a great fit to their style of learning. We’re confident in our team, so we offer such an option. Beware of studios that DON’T allow you such an option… there’s a reason why they don’t!! 

Q – Where are your studios locations?

A – We offer two teaching studios, located in the Adams Shopping Center, 4785 Barnes Rd, Colorado Springs, 80917 & in our private Recording Studio located just mins from UCCS.

Q – When can students book in? 

A – Students are welcome to commence lessons anytime, availability permitting. Should a student wish to book multiple lessons, they are prorated based on starting time within the month. 

Q – What are your rates? 

We offer lessons in a variety of formats, from single 1/2 hour lessons, to 1hr formats. Lessons prices vary depending on the instrument you wish to study. Though we have the bEST facilities in the city, many people (especially those who have come from our competitors) are very surprised our rates are typically lower than many other studios. Please call or email to discuss options.

Q – How do you structure lessons? 

A – We offer a full range of learning, however we tailor the lessons to each student, instead of a “one size fits all” approach. We offer practical, theory, sight reading, composition, aural, musicianship as well as the ability to teach your favorite songs – no sheet music required! Each studio is fitted out with plenty of resources such as backing tracks, DVD players, computer lab etc. Our MAIN emphasis is that the student has FUN learning with us, regardless of age, ability or genre of interest!!

Q – Do I need to bring my own instrument?

Well for voice, it sure would be handy! Seriously though, we find it’s always best for the student bring their own instrument to lessons, but… in the event you don’t have one, it’s not convenient, or you forgot (it HAS happened! lol) we’ve got your back. Our piano studio btw is equipped with dual 88 note hammer weighted digital pianos! 

Q – Why should I learn with your studio?

Great question, click here to read why we’re your smartest choice!

Q – How can I set lessons up? 

Please see our menu labeled ‘CONTACT’ 

Q – What are the Studio policies on lessons? 

For a complete detailed list of our policies, please click here for lesson POLICIES.

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