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Animals As Leaders Instore @

RockStarzUSA was very proud to have Tosin Abasi the 8 string monster guitar player from the massively popular djent metal band ‘Animals As Leaders’ in-store during their single concert in Colorado last week. Tosin met with fans and held a special intimate clinic in our largest Guitar & bass Studio in the complex.

Our guitar teachers are very familiar with the playing style of Tosin, and already offer instruction in the same guitar styles as Tosin, however, when the man himself expressed interest in coming to RockStarzUSA, how could we say no?

Tosin is a soft, well spoken guitar player that possesses one of the most astounding musical talents of this generation. He composes a unique blend of metal, jazz and classical guitar playing that is easily comfortable on te levels with any of the greats, this year or any year for that matter.


Tosin’s guitar of choice is the Strandberg 8 string headless guitar from Strandbergs Guitar Works based in Sweden. His amplifier of choice is the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Ultra, a very high end processor that runs direct to the P.A Front Of House (FOH) His bands self titled release came out in 2009 and was regarded as one of the strongest new releases of the year. The huge success of the single from their forthcoming CD next month ‘Wave of Babies’ solidified their position as ‘best in class’ with heavy music & instrumental music fans worldwide.

Below we have Tosin performing the latest single ‘Wave of Babies’ during his visit to EMG pickups studios.

The concert by Animals As Leaders that night @ The Black Sheep was very well received. Tosin & Co. performed all their hits with the precision live as good as the CD, which for a band is rare. For a band performing such complex arrangements live ‘stop on a dime perfect’ was a special treat indeed.┬áMany thanks to Tosin for visiting the studios, & we trust he will continue to rise up in status as one of the greats of this generation, as others like Steve Vai, believe he will achieve.


Stay tuned for upcoming events, special classes and gathering to be held @ RockStarzUSA studios in the future during the remainder of 2011 and beyond!

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